Joyfully Reviewed at the
2007 Romantic Times Convention

Lena Matthews and Mr. Lena Matthews(Leo)



Joyfully Reviewed's Maura,
Dakota Cassidy (Changeling) and
 Jade Buchanan (Changeling)

Karin Tabke (Kensington) and Joy

Kathy Love (Kensington) and Viva Anna

Kimberly Kaye Terry (EC, NCP, Aphrodisia, Parker), Cheyenne McCray (EC, St. Martin) and Joy

Kimberly Kaye Terry and Cheyenne McCray

Lena Matthews


Lorelei James

Lynne Connolly (Triskelion) and
Mary Ann Pritchard

Mackenzie McKade (EC, Samhain) and Joy

Mary Janice Davidson and Joy

Mary Janice Davidson, St. Martin Editor and Marjorie Liu

Maya Banks aka Sharon Long (Samhain, Berkley)
and that is Sasha White's glorious red hair

Joy and Jaycee Clark (Samhain, NCP)

Jade Buchanan, Alexis Fleming and Joy

Eve Vaughan (Samhain, Changeling) and
Liz Andrews (EC, Samhain, Loose Id)

EC Cover Model Rodney

Lauren Dane (EC, Samhain) and Joy

Dakota Cassidy and Renee George
(both of Changeling)

Cover Model Travis

Cheyenne McCray's RT Panel

Beth Williamson and Life of the Party...
Sasha White

Cassie Ryan (Aphrodisia)

Arianna Hart and Adrienne Kama

Arianna Hart (EC, Samhain)

Annie Windsor (EC) and Cheyenne McCray
Right off the plane

Annie, Patrice Michelle (EC, Samhain),
Joy and Chey

Angie and Jen Martin
(half of Ashleigh Raine)

Adrienne and Lena Matthews
(EC, Loose Id, Samhain)

Renee and Lauren Dane

Eliza Gayle

(l - r) Crissy Brashear , JC Wilder, Angie

Karoake at NCP's Pajama Party

(l-r)Vivi Anna , Sasha White,
Alexis Fleming

There is no other like Flash aka
Stephanie Burke (EC, Changeling, Loose Id)

Partygoer having a good time

Another happy Partygoer

A cover model has been captured

Is Lauren Dane having a good time??

Ali aka AliBlogSpot

Annmarie McKenna (Samhain) and sis

Scott Carpenter - Cover Artist bar None

Shara aka Shebaby

Judy Mays (EC, Changeling)

(l-r) JL Langley, Elaine (Book fanatic),
Ally Blue

After the Party - The After Party begins

Alexis Fleming - All the way from Australia

Terri, Joy, Cheryl, Dobby and Elaine -
Readers on a mission

The very very Shy Sharon Page
and not so shy Joy

Partygoer - Loved some of the costumes

Jet Mykles - Is that a costume or what

Owners of Torquere Press

(l-r) Mandy Roth, Patrice Michelle, Joy, Michelle Pillow, Jayce Clark

Sahara Kelly and Joy

Travis learning some new dance
moves from Julia

(l to r) Chris Winters, Steve Rossi,
Brian Schell - And Joy, right in the middle of all that manliness!

Partygoers in the Bar -
Someone danced her shoes off - teehee

(l-r) Joy, Dobby, Cait Miller(EC) , Sue T

Relaxing and Mingling in the famous bar

Rhyannon Byrd and the womb
throbbing begins

Shara , Eve Vaughn (Changeling, Samhain)

Michelle Lang (Triskelion) and Joy

EC Cover Model

Desiree and Joy

Dobby is playing with her camera and there is Rodney right behind her - tsk tsk

Bunny Basket Winner

Bunny Basket Winner

Bunny Basket Winner

Jennifer Dunne - Bunny Basket Winner

Sasha Lord - Bunny Basket Winner

Cover model Fred has been Joyfully Reviewed - LOL