ALOHA KAUA by Jenna Byrnes

ALOHA KAUA by Jenna Byrnes
Aloha Kaua
by Jenna Byrnes

Published by Totally Bound Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Shayna

Real estate agent Michaela Donovan is looking for some fun in the sun on her week-long trip to Oahu.  However, it’s not her fellow sales contest winners who’re catching Michaela’s eye, but a handsome surfer named Kale Mahai.  Kale is as laid-back and sexy as they come and it’s not long before he and Michaela start up something hot.  But what’s meant to be a simple fling turns into something much more for both of them, proving that sometimes you can find love when and where you least expect it.

Jenna Byrnes turns up the heat in Aloha Kaua.  I loved being swept away to the island of Oahu and Ms. Byrnes does a fantastic job of bringing Hawaii to life in this story.  The romance, however, left me wanting a bit more.  There’s undeniable chemistry between Michaela and Kale, but I quickly grew frustrated with Kale’s insistence on not revealing much of anything personal.  I felt like I never got to really know him, which made Michaela falling for him a bit hard to believe.  Kale’s reasoning for keeping anything but the most superficial of details hidden didn’t really ring true to me either.  Because of this, Aloha Kaua was a miss for me.  That being said, I’ve read other books by Ms. Byrnes that I have enjoyed and I continue to look forward to reading (and listening to) her work.

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