FINN’S REDEMPTION by Sierra Summers

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
FINN’S REDEMPTION by Sierra SummersFinn's Redemption by Sierra Summers
Published by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc on 2012-06-08
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 90
Reviewed by Shayna

Alli Downing can't get over Finn Donovan. Fifteen years after he seduced her then broke her heart, she still comes with his name on her lips, every time she touches herself. Now he's back in town, claiming her necklace is one of three keys needed to break his family's curse. Finn can't just take the necklace from Alli. She has to offer it to him while naked. On an altar. During a magic ritual filled with mind-blowing sex. And she has to be in love with him. Finn decides to tempt, tease and torment Alli with pleasure until she sees he's no longer the stupid kid who stomped all over her heart so long ago. He's the man who loves her, has always loved her, and he's determined to prove it. One way or another, he'll get the necklace, break the curse...and claim Alli for his own.

Once upon a time, Finn Donovan broke Alli Downing’s heart.  Yet even fifteen years later, Alli can’t get Finn out of her mind…or her heart.  When he returns home, intent on seducing her, Alli tries to resist, fearing having her heart broken again.

Finn knows he messed up back in high school, but there’s much more at stake now than his and Alli’s happiness.  Alli has a necklace Finn needs to save his sister’s life, but the necklace can only be given to him out of love on the night he and Alli are bonded.  The clock’s ticking and Finn’s determined to use every erotic move he knows to break the curse killing his sister and win back Alli’s love.

Curses and forgiveness and true love, oh my! Finn’s Redemption is the first book in what is sure to be an exciting series featuring the Donovan siblings.

Finn is a man still paying for the sins of his past.  While he did break Alli’s heart as a teenager, Finn’s now a man rather than a boy.  His attempts to capture Alli’s heart are a great combination of sexy and sweet.  Alli, in turn, is a curvy bookworm many women can relate to.  She’s understandably wary of getting involved with Finn again, but I was rooting for Finn to overcome her reticence.

While Finn and Alli are the heart of Finn’s Redemption, I was actually more interested in the overarching series plotline.  After an ancestor of Finn’s broke the heart of a fae princess the Donovan family was cursed.  Every daughter in the Donovan line is doomed to die at twenty-five.  Finn’s sister, Heather, is gravely ill and the only way to break the curse is for the three Donovan brothers to find and win the hearts of their mates; each of whom possesses a piece of the original stone.  While I enjoyed Finn and Alli’s romance, it’s the curse part of the story that was fascinating to me.  Sierra Summers has me hooked now, and I finished Finn’s Redemption wanting to dive into the next Donovan sibling’s book, Sully’s Sweet Salvation.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. Summers has in store for Sully, Gavin, Heather, and a few other characters whose identities I won’t spoil the story by revealing.


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