HUMAN INTERACTION by Cheyenne Meadows

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
HUMAN INTERACTION by Cheyenne MeadowsHuman Interaction by Cheyenne Meadows
Series: Human Interaction #1
Published by Silver Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Reviewed by Jo

Shyanne is a widow and a mother of twin boys.  Since the death of her husband, Shyanne is now working on moving forward with her life as best she can and that includes taking college courses.  Her latest assignment involves a research project where she has to observe social interaction.  After thinking through several possibilities, Shyanne decides to go to a male strip club and do her paper from what she observes there.  This decision will start Shyanne on a crazy journey that involves shapeshifters, vampires, her unusual family, her job with a very secret agency, and the many impossible things that seem to happen to Shyanne daily.  What could possibly go wrong?

Meat is a shapeshifter who dances in male strip clubs because he enjoys it for right now.  For the most part, Meat enjoys the crazy human women who show up to his performances; yet, when he encounters a small blond who seems to have mishaps at the blink of an eye in two different clubs, he is intrigued.   As Meat learns more about Shyanne, the more intrigued he gets because she is nothing like any of the females Meat has known before.  As it turns out, Shyanne helps Meat with a job he isn’t so open about in her own unique way.

All Shyanne wanted to do was get the research in she needed for her college paper.  Instead, she becomes involved with one of the sexiest men she has met lately and even better, he makes her remember that she is more than just a mom, a student and a glorified gopher at work.  The odds were against Shyanne and Meat from the very beginning, but it seems that all the mishaps they get into only bring them closer together.  Heck, it appears that even her adopted father is willing to give Meat a chance and her boys love him.  If Meat and Shyanne can survive this initial phase of their courtship, they just may find the kind of love that will last a very long time.

A most unusual courtship begins when a mishap challenged blond meets a sexy stripper who can also become an animal at will in Human Interaction.  I have never laughed so hard as I did as I followed Shyanne and Meat through this first part of their hot courtship.  The attraction between them was fast and yet they took the time to learn about each other instead of just jumping into bed, even when the sexy innuendos kept coming.  I couldn’t believe some the situations that Shyanne and Meat found themselves in.  It seemed like any possible form of mayhem found a way to find Shyanne and affect those around her.  I loved Shyanne and her determination to pick up the pieces for her and her children and forge a new future for them.  I also love how Meat took a walk on the zany side and was able to take all that was Shyanne in stride and love her.  I seriously can’t wait until the next chapter in Shyanne and Meat’s journey to love appears on my reader.  Human Interaction is a fun courtship like no other which proves mayhem can be fun foreplay for two unusual lovers. 


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