THE HERACIAN AFFAIR by Liv OlteanoThe Heracian Affair by Liv Olteano
Genres: BDSM, MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

Rizzo Berg spends his free time indulging in meaningless sex with one night stands or men who think they can make a relationship work.  None of them matter because they can’t reach Rizzo no matter how hard they try.  It’s been several years since his lover died and it seems Henry took Rizzo’s heart with him.

Going to sleep one night alone in his bed Rizzo next wakes aboard a Heracian star ship.  Captain Conrad D’Ollet explains their desperate fertility problems and the necessity of kidnapping humans to help them.  Rizzo is given several options though it is the stoic captain who intrigues him the most.  Likewise Conrad is fascinated with someone for the first time since he lost his family to the Heracian’s enemy in battle. 

Each battle for the upper hand, Rizzo fights his need for domination while Conrad knows no other way.  Nothing would be more delicious than knocking the human down a peg or two as Rizzo pants for Conrad to be strong enough to sexually subdue him.   Enjoying a sexual relationship is all good and fine.  An emotional attachment however is the last thing either man wants.  Too bad, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Author Liv Olteano neatly blends a compelling science fiction tale with an angst ridden drama in The Heracian Affair.  Love is the last thing either man wants, the very last, yet fate grants both a second chance.  The premise is complex, the sex is absolutely erotic, and there are twists up to the ending.  The Heracian Affair explores emotional landmines within a captivating plot and scores big time.

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