VALIANT SOLDIER, BEAUTIFUL ENEMY by Diane GastonValiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy by Diane Gaston
Series: Three Soldiers, #3
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Miranda

A soldier's second chanceCaptain Gabriel Deane has known his fair share of pain, but he'd take a dagger to the chest rather than relive the torture of rejection from the woman he loves.Saying no to Gabriel broke Emmaline Mableau's heart, but being a soldier's widow had already cost her family too much. Now she wears Gabriel's ring around her neck: a reminder of the man who can never be hers.Two years later, Emmaline's hand trembles as she goes to knock on Gabriel's door. Now she has a proposal for him, but will he say yes?

British soldier Gabriel Deane thought his life was meant to be on the battlefield until the moment he rescued Emmaline Mableau and her young boy from the ravages of battle. Gabriel sent Emmaline away to save her and her boy then; but years later when he spots her on the streets of Brussels he cannot deny his feelings for her any longer. Emmaline and Gabriel share a burning romance but their fire is stifled by the upcoming battle at Waterloo and the fact that her once young boy now fights for the French. 

Gabriel loves Emmaline and wishes to marry her but she rejects him. Years later Emmaline needs her valiant soldier once again but will he help the woman that broke his heart?

Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy is a sweet romance set amidst the backdrop of war. Wartime is a tumultuous one and Diane Gaston does a great job of propelling the reader into the story. These characters are beautiful and easy to fall for. Gabriel and Emmaline share an epic romance in Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy. The circumstances that continually bring these two lovers together are dark and dangerous. I couldn’t wait for these two to share their true feelings with one another and I was shocked that Gabriel was first to put his heart on the line. Emmaline and Gabriel share a long journey to get their happily ever after. Along the way they run into several characters from previous Three Soldiers novels. While this is the third book of the series it is not necessary to have read the first two books but it would have made these scenes between the old friends sweeter.

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