WITHIN THE FLAMES by Marjorie M. Liu

WITHIN THE FLAMES by Marjorie M. LiuWithin the Flames by Marjorie M. Liu
Series: Dirk & Steele #11
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by HarperCollins

Reviewed by Miranda

Joining the Dirk & Steele Agency turned Eddie’s life around. A pyrokinetic and former car thief, he cannot refuse an assignment to cross the continent in order to rescue an extraordinary woman in peril . . . even though he fears losing control of the destructive power of flame at his fingertips.The last of her shape-shifting kind, Lyssa hides in the abandoned tunnels beneath Manhattan, seeking refuge from those who murdered her family a decade ago and would now destroy her as well. Like Eddie, fire is her weapon, her destiny . . . and her curse. Yet she wants nothing to do with this mesmerizing stranger who seeks her trust while enflaming her passion.For beneath Lyssa’s extraordinary beauty are dangerous secrets . . . and even darker, nearly irresistible urges.But she has won the heart of a fearless protector . . .and all the demons in the world will not make him back down.

Eddie, a Dirk & Steele agent, is a pyrokinetic. Unfortunately, Eddie has been unable to control his fire power since he was injected with a wicked virus. Since then he has been spending plenty of time in his fireproof cage. A case has come to the attention of Dirk & Steele, it appears Eddie is the perfect person for the job. A girl is missing in New York City. She is being stalked unknowingly by witches that want her for her special blood. Eddie needs to find her and then protect her from the evil doers.

Lyssa has been on the run since her parents deaths. Lyssa is one of the few remaining dragons alive today and to stay that way she lives her life running. She’s content to live in the hovels of the world to hide her existence. She’s coasting by until one stubborn handsome man walks into her life and refuses to leave. 

Eddie is drawn to Lyssa. She provokes feelings he’s never felt before and he plans to do whatever it takes to keep her alive. Lyssa feels quite the connection to Eddie as well but she’s a danger to everyone, especially those she cares for, and plans to run far away. However, danger lurks close, Lyssa and Eddie soon realize they are going to have to work together to survive what’s stalking them and prevent the evil from infecting the world. 

Within the Flames is another sterling addition to Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk & Steele series. Eddie and Lyssa set the pages ablaze, literally! The desire that burns between these two upon first sight is stunning. I really love these two characters. Both Eddie and Lyssa have such tragic pasts to overcome and it makes for quite a bonding experience for them. I love that Eddie is finally getting some control of his fire. Oh, the evil is rather despicable in Within the Flames. I was raging at the enemy as I read. I love that Eddie finds his fire and Lyssa finds herself. She’s been hiding for so long watching her come out of her shell is exhilarating. The ending of Within the Flames is an OMG awesome moment! One thing I love about Ms. Liu’s writing is her amazing ability to make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action! Within the Flames is a fiery explosion of action, adventure and beautiful romance.

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