TEXAS TWO STEP by Cynthia D’Alba

TEXAS TWO STEP by Cynthia D’Alba

TEXAS TWO STEP by Cynthia D’AlbaTexas Two Step by Cynthia D'Alba
Series: Texas Montgomery Mavericks #1
Genres: Contemporary, Western
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Vanessa

Their love never died, but her secrets could break his trust beyond repair. Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 1After six years and too much self-recrimination, rancher Mitch Landry is ready to admit he was wrong. He’d loved Olivia Montgomery but commitment wasn’t high on his list back then. That was his first mistake. He’s just divorced his second, and he’s set to do whatever it takes to convince Olivia to give him another try. Through hard work, determination and more than a few tears, Olivia survived the break-up with Mitch. She’s rebuilt her life around her business and the son she loves more than life itself. She’s not proud of the mistakes she’s made—particularly the secrets she’s kept—but when life hands you manure, you use it to make something better of yourself...lest you get stuck in it. At a hot, muggy Dallas wedding, they reconnect. Olivia’s first instinct is to play it cool, but after one devastating kiss things flare real out of control, real fast. Maybe a quick roll in the hay will get him out of her system once and for all. Funny thing about hay though, once it’s tangled in your hair, getting it out risks revealing things that were never meant to see the light of day. Warning: Contains hot sex, a vindictive ex-wife, and hot chocolate chip cookies.


Mitch Landry didn’t think the time was right for Olivia to settle down with him six years ago, so he walked away from her hoping that she would experience more of life and be ready to jump in then.  However, six months after leaving her, he married his deceased brother’s pregnant girlfriend.  Mitch wanted to give the unborn child a name; he thought he was doing the honorable thing.  Now Mitch is back, ready to make amends for his decisions in the past and admit fault for hurting Olivia.  At least he was until he discovers what Olivia has been hiding from him all these years and now Mitch is madder than a hornet! 

Olivia Montgomery Gentry made her own decisions and moved on with her life the best way she knew how, especially because Mitch had left her with a parting gift.  One that she will do ANYTHING to protect!  Olivia has one divorce in her past, but she can’t truly regret that marriage because her ex had helped her through so much, and he still plays a role in her life.  However, Olivia doesn’t want Mitch to think they can take up where they left off, and she really doesn’t want him to discover her secret—a secret that apparently everyone knows about, but Mitch!  

Texas Two Step is a captivating, accomplished love story.  It kept me engaged and renewed my love of romance stories.  

Texas Two Step saved Mitch for me by providing his POV, because without it, I wouldn’t have minded him standing behind a horse or two.  He really did come across as that donkey’s behind, but what came out of his mouth didn’t always mesh with his thoughts.  Texas Two Step had Olivia coming across as being full of pride and this further explained her keeping the secret from Mitch.  Who would want him on those terms?  Well, obviously the ex-wife did, but that is another story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Texas Two Step had Olivia moving on with her life after Mitch rather than staying celibate and hoping and waiting for him to come back.  It was nice to see that while he felt his marriage shouldn’t bother her because it was family obligations, hers definitely bothered him. 

Texas Two Step is a recommended read because I got both POVs, and Mitch and Olivia were equal in the mistakes that they ultimately made, but they both had good intentions.  I found myself flipping from one side to the other throughout Texas Two Step as things were revealed.  I didn’t agree with the characters’ choices in their past, but I felt that the author fully justified their reasoning for making those decisions.  Ultimately, I felt Mitch and Olivia were completely sorry for the selections that they made, and they saw the other’s perspective as well.  In the end, Mitch just wants to work through the hindrances of the past and build a future together and, frankly, I was happy for them in the end of Texas Two Step

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