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DEALING HER FINAL CARD by Jennie LucasDealing Her Final Card by Jennie Lucas
Published by Harlequin on 2013-01-22
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by Vanessa


Reformed confidence artist, Breanna “Bree” Dalton, is on a mission to protect her younger sister, Josie.  She had no idea that when she ventured to that table she would be faced with her past—a past that destroyed her life at the time.  Bree had never truly gotten over that night with Vladimir, but she persevered trying to be better than she once was. 

Russian Prince Vladimir Xendzov, did not come out of their past relationship unscathed.  He has changed since Bree’s last encounter with him, and not for the better.  He is now a cold, ruthless man, whose heart has long since died!  And Prince Vladimir still desires Bree.  Vladimir wagers for the opportunity to own her body with a flick of a card for as long as he desires her.  Feeling confident of a win, Bree can’t resist the temptation that Vladimir promises if she wins and so she accepts that gamble.  However, have they both gambled more than they are willing to lose?    

Dealing Her Final Card was a sizzling HOT tale with a surprisingly steamy encounter between Vladimir and Bree.  I was a little hesitant to go along for the ride as Bree seemed a bit more than what I had expected.  However, I was pleased with the outcome because Bree held true to her character in Dealing Her Final Card.

Dealing Her Final Card had a very alpha male in Vladimir, but he really was more than that at the center.  I enjoyed watching his transformation, and I believed in their HEA.  I understood the difficulties that both Vladimir and Bree endured in Dealing Her Final Card as they worked out their issues with one another.  I was glad that Vladimir and Bree took that final gamble as it proved the most rewarding for both.  The unconditional love that was spoken in Dealing Her Final Card was truly heartwarming for me, as well. 

I never really felt that Vladimir was overly cruel to Bree in Dealing Her Final Card, as she agreed to the deal before it began.  Bree needed to hold to her word and be honorable when all was said and done.  Yet, she finds that it is a little harder to be so honorable than what she had though before in Dealing Her Final Card.  However, given all that Vladimir and Bree endured to get to the HEA, the truly priceless moment was when he gave up that which he most wanted for something else.  That makes this a Joyfully Recommended read an alpha hero who is more than the sum of his parts!!

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