Ajana’s Return by Marie Rochelle

Caught, Book 2



ISBN: 978-1-60659-534-3

Reviewed by Raine




With Ajana’s return to the picture, there is a lot of questions to be answered. Ryan most definitely wants to be in on the solving of these jewelry thefts. Ajana is not sure who to trust or turn to for help, but she is hoping she can count on Ryan.

Ajana’s Return picks up where Caught left off. Both Ryan and Ajana  crave a relationship that seems highly improbable, but they make an excellent team when they aren’t second-guessing one another. In trying to guess “who dun it” I have to say I was a little shocked at the final outcome, which I loved. Ajana’s Return is packed with adventure in bed and out. Marie Rochelle’s Caught series is a great romantic suspense I highly recommend.


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