Always a Bridesmaid by Elaine Hopper

Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Melissa




Itís been nine years since Breanna Parker has been home, but her sisterís wedding leaves her no choice but to return to the place where her heart was broken. Troy Youngwolf has never stopped loving Breanna, but a youthful drunken mistake forced him to marry her best friend. Something that Breanna has never forgiven. But heís a widower now with a daughter and heís determined that Breanna give him another chance. Breanna canít wait for the wedding to be over so that she can get out of town as quickly as possible and away from Troy. Although she still has feelings for Troy, she canít get over his betrayal and no matter what he does or how he tries to explain, she simply wants to leave. Preferably before he breaks her heart again.

I have to say, I usually really, really enjoy Elaine Hopper. As soon as this came across for review I wanted it. However Always a Bridesmaid left me feeling more frustrated than happy. I could have easily forgiven Troy his mistake but his late wife was such a cardboard character and the reasons beyond ďhe was drunkĒ were never really provided. So I never really felt that the book delivered the character depth that I needed to get past the betrayal and see him as hero material. Especially considering the way he just up and married without giving Breanna any warning. And without that depth I was frustrated by the constant barrage of characters who were on to Breanna to just forgive as if she was somehow in the wrong. Ms. Hopper still can put together a compelling storyline, but Always a Bridesmaid just missed the mark for me.


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