Apathy by Scarlet Blackwell

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-228-8

Reviewed by Cassie




Fifteen years ago, Kristian Taylor let the love of his life slip away.  Ever since, he’s been miserable and alone, mired in apathy.  Will the return of Jake Harlan, his former lover, push him into action—or will it be yet another thing he destroys with his inaction?

Apathy is a bittersweet tale of what can happen if you let apathy rule your life.  Kristian is a truly sad person.  He castigates himself for how he acted, but doesn’t have the strength to change anything.  He’s terrified of change, in fact.  He’s such a sad, pitiable character that I couldn’t even be mad at him for his terrible choices.  The first part of Apathy is almost painful to read, it’s so sad.  Fortunately, glimmers of hope emerge as the story continues.  Even so, Apathy is a pretty heavy story.  I enjoyed it, but it was the kind of enjoyment I get watching a tearjerker movie, not the kind I usually get reading a sweet romance.


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