A Promise Given by Stormy Glenn

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60370-924-8

Reviewed by Nannette




Detective Cooper Thomas survived being kidnapped and tortured by Daryl Wallace. While most of the physical scars are gone, the emotional ones may never heal. Cooper’s past comes back to haunt him when a young gay man is murdered in the same way Wallace killed his victims, and it causes Cooper to lean on Alec Whitley even harder. Alec broke Cooper’s heart when he left him ten years ago. Will he stick around now when Cooper needs him more than ever?

It’s fitting that Alec has to work to win back Cooper’s affections. When his reasons for leaving are revealed, I felt bad for Alec then too. The dynamics of their relationship changes drastically and suddenly when Cooper is faced with his nightmares, Alec may use the situation to his advantage, but not in a malicious way. Alec and Cooper‘s sex appeal comes from the tangible emotional connection they share and the really hot sex they have. I love how the parameters they set up for their relationship last what seems like 10 seconds because they just love each other and need each other too much to wait. A Promise Given is the moving and exciting sequel to A Promise Kept.


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