A Staged Affair by Gem Sivad

Siren Bookstrand

Erotic Western Historical

ISBN: 1-60601-745- 4

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




For over a year Anna Fuller has been hiding from King Colton.  An actress, Anna has been Kingís mistress for a long time, but knowing that he would never be able to love her became more than evident the longer they were together.  So Anna runs because she no longer has just herself to worry about. 

King has been lost without his Anna.  How or why she ran away is something he is definitely going to find out and when he sees her again, King is once again reminded how much she means to him.  Now all he has to do is convince her that she canít live without him.  After all, it wouldnít do for King Colton to lose now, would it?

Oh my but King was opinionated and ultimately male.  I wanted to bonk him on the back of his head and admonish him to behave.  But then, had he behaved, I donít think I could have loved this bad boy as much.  Unused to be vulnerable, King has a hard time expressing his feelings and because of this, he lets Anna accumulate things instead of just sharing his feelings about her.  In typical man fashion, King thought Anna knew.

Gem Sivad has a fun, erotic, and great plot with A Staged Affair.  I rolled my eyes and then sweated at the passion of these two strong characters. Thumbs up!


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