Atlantis Redeemed by Alyssa Day

The Warriors of Poseidon, Book 5

Berkley Sensation

Paranormal Romance/Shape Shifter

ISBN: 9780425233030

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




For a thousand years, Atlantean warrior Brennan has been cursed by the god Poseidon for a youthful transgression.  His curse keeps him from being able to experience emotions.  He also has to live with the knowledge that when he finally finds his mate, he is destined to forget her if she is ever out of his sight.  Brennan has no feelings whatsoever and has gotten used to this, until he comes face to face with investigative reporter Tiernan Butler.

Investigating undercover, Tiernan is attending a medical conference with the hope of getting information on hidden experiments being done on shape shifters and humans.  The death of her best friend is the catalyst that forces Tiernan to pursue this endeavor and she is so close to being able to find the masterminds behind these horrible tests.  Tiernan doesnít have time to pacify the huge warrior who is intent on sticking to her like glue.  And then she realizes that what Brennan is telling her is true, she is his mate and he is doomed to forget her.

Evidently Alyssa Day loves for me to cry!  I found myself more than once tearing up at Brennan and Tiernanís situation.  What starts out as a means to an end (Brennanís curse) becomes so much more between these two strong characters.  Tiernanís unconditional love and loyalty is more than evident in Atlantis Redeemed. I couldnít catch my breath, my pulse raced, and I began to sweat.  Hoping for the happy ending I think Brennan deserves, I couldnít have even begun to imagine the way the plot ended - I was surprised and very happy with it.  Donít miss this strong addition to Ms. Dayís Warriors of Poseidon series. It is definitely one of the best so far!


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