A Witch’s Thief by Titania Ladley

Thieves and Lovers, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy Ménage

ISBN: 9781419925184

Reviewed by Amelia




Falcon Montague, aka Robin Hood, is holding Isobel’s powers hostage, until she can see to the release of her former lover, Lancelot, from prison and convince him to rejoin Montague’s gang. Isobel, desperate to get her powers back, agrees to Falcon’s demands. The problem is doing to be convincing Lancelot to return to a life of crime.

Lancelot is shocked by his release after a year’s imprisonment. His lovers, Isobel and Nikolai, have not come to see him once, and when he finds out it was Isobel who paid for his release he’s shocked. He can’t resist her charms, though, and soon finds himself bathed, fed and in bed with the both of them.

But when he finds out Isobel has made a deal with Montague how will he feel? Will Isobel get her powers back; and will she, Lancelot and Nikolai find their happily ever after?

A Witch’s Thief is a satisfying foray into the Titania Ladley’s land of Thieves and Lovers. The love shared by Lancelot, Isobel and Nikolai is beautifully written and the passion they share heats up the pages. Watching the three of them together really warmed my blood and tingled my senses.

Fans of Ms. Ladley’s fantasy world will savor this trip into the magical world of Robin Hood.


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