Back in Black by Lori Foster

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425232989

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




President of the SBC, Drew Black says what he wants, when he wants, where he wants.  He apologizes for nothing and no one.  He creates controversy instead of shying away from it.  He has also single handedly taken the fighting organization that is the SBC and made it a winner.  But with a high profile life like Drew has, he also is responsible for angering more than one person and causing more than one ruckus  and so the owners of the SBC think he needs an image makeover.  The lady hired to help Drew soften up his image?  PR extraordinaire, Gillian Noode.

Drew takes one look at Gillian and wants her.  Unapologetically and without remorse, he lets her know exactly what he wants to do to her and her body.  While Gillian puts forth a sedate outer persona, on the inside she desires bad boy Drew Black just as much.

Lori Foster ups the heat in Back in Black.  The loves scenes are simply scorching hot and full of enough sexual tension that even I began to sweat.  The snarlier Drew became, the more I wanted him.  He is simply the baddest, most unrepentive man I have ever read about and I loved every single pore in his body.  Luckily, Gillian Noode did as well. She went into their relationship with her eyes wide open, and while she tried to fight a good fight, she was down for the count before she could even think about landing a one-two punch of her own.

If you read no other Lori Foster book this spring, make sure you read Back in Black.  You will laugh at Drew’s attitude and sigh with giddiness when he finally shows his true colors.  And, you can thank me later.


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