Banished Scoundrel by Anita Philmar

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Klarissa




Only knowing the needs of her captor, Kitty must obey his every command.  Forced to have sex with Sloan's friends, Kitty believes her family sold her to Sloan and they never wanted her.  After the arrival of a new visitor to Sloan's estate, Jack Avery is now the one Kitty must perform for.  Making her shift often, Sloan knew by doing this it would keep her on the cusp of arousal, making her pliable to his friendsí needs and making her more tempted by Jack's handsome appearance.

After Jack sees Kitty he knows it's the lost princess of Ardenia, Noelani.  Now he must rescue her from Sloan's hands and return her home.  By doing this he also hopes he gains the Queen's favor and is allowed to remain back in Ardenia with Noelani.

Banished Scoundrel is a story about adventure and a mission that returns more than what the hero ever hoped to gain.  True love.  Noelani and Jack are perfect characters that when brought together steam rises from the pages.  Anita Philmar created a unique story with captivating characters and with emotion that will pull you in.


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