Betrayed by Rhianne Aile

Sequel to Cursed

Dreamspinner Press

Paranormal, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-61581-393-3

Reviewed by Raine




Tristenís twin brother, Will, has come to visit him and his mate, Benjamin, in America. While there, heís asked to help their friend, Raul, go in search of his missing twin brother, Richard. Will agrees to help and uses his magic to find Richard. When he does thereís instant sparks between the two, but darkness surrounds Richardís mind and body. Raul and Will set to work piecing together the mystery of Richardís disappearance and the powers controlling him, in hopes of releasing him.

In Cursed we meet Tristen Northland whoís taken it to task to break his familyís curse and while doing so meets his mate, Benjamin. Betrayed continues the story with Tristenís twin brother, Will coming to meet Tristenís mate, Benjamin, and while there getting tangled up in a magical escape that could possibly kill several. Betrayed took several chapters for the characters to enchant me with their story. Thereís a huge background and many characters present at the beginning of Betrayed. Once past the very detailed layout, the plot of the story then takes off at a wild pace and itís hard to put the book down for wanting to know what happens next. Betrayed weaves together magical and shifting beings that treats the reader to an extraordinary paranormal adventure. I loved the well-depicted characters, the charisma they each seem to exude and the sex between the mates is powerful and arousing as they meld mind and body.


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