Black Jack by Lora Leigh

Elite Ops, Book 5

St. Martin’s

Erotic Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978 0312945824

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Night Hawk is a dead woman.  Trained and lethal, she is a member of the Elite Ops – a group of highly specialized soldiers known only to their trainers.  Lilli Belle, the debutante no longer exists.  Lilli’s current mission is to deliver a disk to one of the male members of her team, Travis Caine, code name: Black Jack.  One look from Travis, however, makes Lilli almost forget her mission before she can do what she is supposed to do.  Once the disk is in Black Jack’s hands, Lilli and Travis do what they have been craving to do all night – they love each other quickly, forcefully, and completely.  Afterwards, Lilli reluctantly prepares to leave for her home base – she and Travis depart but they know they will meet again.  Fate, however, sometimes plays its hand quite hatefully and so this is the last time that Travis will know Night Hawk as the woman she was when she left because a sniper’s bullet almost ends her life, but Lilli is a fighter who refuses to go down.

Lilli Belle is now considered a danger to herself and the members of the highly secretive Elite Ops.  The only person who refuses to give up on her is Travis Caine.  Travis knows that underneath Lilli’s amnesia is the truth of what happened to her the night her father died and while he is supposed to report anything out of the ordinary about Night Hawk, Travis refuses to allow the woman he loves to be collateral damage no matter how much danger she brings upon herself.  Black Jack refuses to let his Night Hawk down – and it is his persistence and love that brings the woman known as Lilli back from the brink of danger.

Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops series continues to intrigue and surprise me. Black Jack is no different.  It is highly suspenseful, attention grabbing, and pulls you into the plot.  Travis Caine is no ordinary soldier, he is a highly trained killer.  But he is also a forceful, yet gentle lover.  Lilli’s treatment at Travis’ hands was erotic and satisfying to read.

Fast-paced action, sneaky killers, and unconditional love are the name of the game in Lora Leigh’s Black Jack.  My life would be complete if only I could find a Travis Caine of my own because trying to nab Night Hawk’s man might get me in trouble…


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