Bloodline by Maggie Shayne


Audio Book


ISBN: 978-0-7783-2618-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Lilith awakens not knowing who she is and finds not only is she cold but she is alone under a bridge with no memory of how she go there.  Then suddenly events unfold and she is running for her life, and boy can she run.  When she finally tires she finds a barn and decides this is a safe place to hide.

Ethan is stunned to find Lilith in his barn.  He never thought to see her again.  He is surprised to find she doesn’t recognize him and then realizes why, she is now a vampire.  Ethan was forced to leave Lilith behind when he escaped the compound where he and Lilith were kept and trained, but he never forgot her.

Now Ethan will do what it takes to keep Lilith safe and hopefully have a second chance with her.  But, in doing this it will mean that he will face the one thing he never wanted to again, the compound.  Though it is not a surprise to him as he knew Lilith would never stand for others being kept and treated as she was. 

Now the two are on the run, planning a rescue mission against a large force that wants to see them dead.  Will they survive and will their budding passion for each other grow or be snuffed out in the race against unbelievable odds?

Maggie Shayne has written a very interesting storyline in Bloodline.  I was intrigued by the secret government use and planned use of the chosen.  Bloodline was my first Maggie Shayne story and she had me quickly intrigued with how the overall story would pull together as well as if it will lead to other books with some of the same characters.  I loved how with this audio book I was not only able to imagine the action and romantic scenes, but also able to make weeding my garden go by quickly.  As this was an unabridged audio I think many readers will be able to follow the writing easily and also be pulled into the story and lose time as action unfolds.  Bloodline is a book that paranormal enthusiasts will enjoy.


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