Blood on the Moon by Kelly O’Donnell

Cobblestone Press

Shapeshifter / Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60088-507-5

Reviewed by Jo




Gabrielle Hearn is a Guardian, and a witch, who lives in New York.  Her job is to stay between humans and the preternatural and keep track of who’s doing what to whom.  As part of this job description, Gabrielle is judge and jury but the Council is her boss and make the final decisions on sentences.  The idea is to keep humans from learning about the others who live among them.  Right now Gabrielle has two headaches – one is a serial killer who is obviously a lycanthrope and the other is Shep.

Lieutenant Sheppard “Shep” Germaine joined the NYPD in hopes of forgetting what he was and to have a normal life.  Being a werewolf, and the son of a council member, could have given Shep a pretty easy life – if he wanted to accept that, which he didn’t.  But this serial killer is very close to outing the preternatural and that can’t be allowed.  In order to find the killer before it’s too late, Shep is going to have to request the help of someone else he’s been trying to forget – Gabrielle.

The heat that has always been between Gabrielle and Shep hasn’t gone anywhere, which becomes very apparent when they meet to discuss how to capture the killer.  It’s a passion that neither can ignore any longer if they are going to have any hope of working together.  Clues and research have shown there is something larger in their world behind what’s going on.  So Gabrielle calls upon a secret source she has for the answers.  When all the clues are put together and figured out, Gabrielle and Shep know exactly what they have to do.  Now, can it be done in time to save the next victim?

Can one sexy shape shifter and a gorgeous witch find a way to stop a serial killer?  Blood on the Moon threads the line between the preternatural and humans to keep both safe.  Gabrielle works hard at her job of keeping humans from discovering just what and who live along side them.  Shep has all but turned his back on his history to find a new life among humans.  I was surprised at just how much heat burned between Gabrielle and Shep when they lived in the same city and avoided each other.  I was totally unsurprised with their erotic night, which told them both their passion was something to be discovered and expanded on.  The twists and turns of discovering the killer were well done and I was surprised at just who else showed up along the way.  The trust between Gabrielle and Shep proved important as they stopped the killers plans.  Blood on the Moon is a great story that has both erotic and dangerous parts that keep you turning the pages.


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