Body Shots by Amber Skyze

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923524

Reviewed by Raine




After a long hiatus, Reed Walker and his Foul Play band mates are looking to reunite. As Reed makes the circuit to various bars trying to set up gigs he walks into Crimson Nights and is taken back in time. In front of him is Sierra Allen, the love of his life. She left without so much as a goodbye after an accident left her scarred and feeling ruined for life. Reed does not think so though and he is out to love every part of her body with body shots.

When Reed sees Sierra again after ten years, he is determined to make his life complete with her in it again. Even though at the beginning she pretends to be someone else, the reunion between Reed and Sierra is incredibly erotic. Body Shots tells their bittersweet story and how true love prevails, an excellent story.


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