Canít Hurry Love by M. Jules Aedin

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Paranormal / Mythology

ISBN: 978-1-61581-398-8

Reviewed by Cassie




Bunny-boy Vincent Furnier works for the Easter Bunny Department at the Corporation of Magical Beings.  He loves his job, but his incessant desires often get him into trouble.  After an incident with a satyr, heís put on probation and transferred to the Cupid Department.  There, heís supposed to assist the surly, basically-on-strike Charles Ross.  The only problem is that Charlie obviously doesnít want him there, and Vincent canít seem to make any progress whatsoever.  Will Vincent ever get back to the Easter Bunny Department?

Canít Hurry Love is a cute, creative tale of mythology with a modern spin.  The mythological beings of old are now cogs in a massive bureaucracy.  Vincentís promiscuous behavior might not have been a problem back in the old days, but with the current business model he has to be on his best behavior at workósomething he seems unable to do.  In fact, Vincent comes across as a major slut at first.  Itís only later that his inner feelings become more apparent, and I began to sympathize with him.  Surly, stubborn Charlie has burned out as a Cupid.  Vincentís useless attempts to get through to Charlie were amusing, as was Vincentís slightly spoiled (yet somehow not annoying) behavior when they interacted.  The connection between the two, when it surfaced, was nice.  The last segment of the book showed a lot of growth on Vincentís part.  My only problem with Canít Hurry Love was that it ended too abruptly.  Itís a cute, fun story with a bit more depth than I expected, but I wanted a little more closure at the end.


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