Canít Teach an Old Demon New Tricks by Cara Lockwood



ISBN: 9781416550976

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Rachel Farnsworth was living a normal, if not the happiest, life.  She had a new baby and a husband that used to be wonderful, but lately just sits on the couch and drinks beer.  Then one day, he disappears and her whole world turns upside down.  Seems her husband is a demon who has angered half the demon world, and her baby is part demon, as well.

Sam is a fallen angel, hot and dangerous.  He offers to help Rachel find her husband and get the demons off her back.  But when they pair up, itís hard to deny the attraction between them.  As they fight off demons of all shapes and sizes, Rachel has to keep her baby safe and find a way to save her hometown.

Canít Teach an Old Demon New Tricks was funny and cute and easy to get through.  Readers of her Dogwood series, you will love this new addition.  Sam is hot and fun to picture on his big motorcycle.  Rachel handles her situation will a calmness I donít know I would feel upon learning about the demons in her life.  For readers looking for a fun paranormal romp, Canít Teach an Old Demon New Tricks fits the bill.


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