Chasing the Moonlight by Anne Marie Novark

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Tanya




Sarah Cooper can’t believe that former bad boy Mitch Defaco has returned to town, even cuter than when he left.  Now add that he has a teenage daughter that he doesn’t know what to do with and Sarah realizes that the little crush she used to have on him back in High School is alive and well.

Sarah admires how he has turned his life around and decides that since he seems to be on the path of making big changes for the better that she will ask him to help her.  She has a secret that even her parents don’t know about from her college years.  She now is terrified of men and while she was married to a gentle man who has passed away she isn’t sure how she would even be able to get over her fear to date anyone new.

Mitch knows he is bad news for Sarah, no matter how sexy he finds her.  But, how can he refuse her request, especially when he learns about her past and her determination to move forward.

Add two kids who get along great and it will be an interesting adventure.

Ms. Novark has written a sweet tale in Chasing the Moonlight.  While I could see where the story was going there were a couple of bumps along the way that made the adventure exciting.  I enjoyed seeing how a town would treat both the “good girl” and “bad boy” years later, who would see them as new people and who won’t let the past be forgotten.  I was especially interested to see how the author handled Sarah’s parent’s views of the past as well as current events.  I enjoyed Chasing the Moonlight and look forward to more offering from Ms. Novark in the future.


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