Cody by Kimberly Raye

Love at First Bite Series

Blaze #496


Audio Book


ISBN: 9780373795000

Reviewed by Tanya




Cody Braddock has developed a lifestyle that he feels will be the one that suits him.  He has had more than one hundred years to develop the lifestyle so he knows a thing or two about what works for him.  As a vampire he needs women not just for blood but their sexual satisfaction also feeds him.  He has developed into a love’em and leave’em kind of guy, which his current profession as a championship bull rider plays well into.

While he is on top of his profession he is also now thinking of one thing only, vengeance.  He is going to hunt down the man he feels is responsible for turning him and his brothers as well as murdering his family, and settle the score.  He doesn’t count on running into Miranda Rivers.

Miranda is seriously considering an engagement proposal from her boyfriend, even if it was unromantically delivered by email.  But, prior to accepting she has decided that she wants one big night of sexual satisfaction, and heads to a cowboy bar in another town to find a man.  You see Miranda wants the big “O” in a big way before settling down.

But, will one night be enough for either Cody or Miranda?

Cody is the latest installment of Kimberly Raye’s smoking hot Love at First Bite series, and while it is not directly connected with the men of Skull Creek Choppers, it is directly tied to them.  I am a longtime fan of this Blaze series and found Cody to be a strong addition to the series.  I do have to say that I felt that his character was a little bit wishy-washy, but overall a likeable man; others may not agree.  I am hoping there are more coming in this series and that Cody’s brothers will get their own books.

I actually listened to the unabridged version of Cody and the reader did a great job.  I can get easily distracted if someone is reading in an off cadence etc…  But, the reader did a wonderful job and I was drawn quickly into the story.


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