Colliding in Free Fall by Vivien Dean

Liquid Silver Books

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59578-637-1

Reviewed by Cassie




Firefighter Jay McGhee may be forty-three, but he’s sure he can still do his job.  He resents anyone who insinuates otherwise.  When he meets Frank Kaplan at a fire, he’s more annoyed at the fact that the younger man is taking him to the doctor than he is interested in the guy.  Then he gets to know Frank, and discovers the man is interesting as well as sexy, but he’s sure his small town would never accept a gay fireman.  At any rate, he doesn’t have much in common with a long-haired, tattooed writer sixteen years his junior.  He’s determined that they will just be friends.  Too bad he’s not the only one that’s attracted…

I really enjoyed Colliding in Free Fall.  Jay is a great character.  He’s a stubborn, private person who’s also loyal and kind.  He hasn’t had much opportunity to be truly happy, but he’s content with his life for the most part.  Frank, on the other hand, has experienced more highs and lows in his life than Jay has, despite the years between them.  I liked the way their relationship develops slowly.  Rather than hopping into bed, they get to know each other and become friends first.  The sexual aspect of their relationship is also slow, but hot.  The conflict is realistic and not overdramatic.  Those in the mood for a sweet read with plenty of emotional development and a bit of an ‘opposites attract’ vibe will be sure to enjoy Colliding in Free Fall.


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