Cougar by Beverly Rae

Wild Things, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-945-8

Reviewed by Klarissa




Chase Reya is a bad kitty.  He has torn up humans and just doesn't get along with them.  Why should he?  As punishment for hurting the humans, the council has decided he must spend time with them, get to know some.  He now has a position as a ranch hand, around numerous different humans.  How will he be able to stand it?  Chase goes along with it for a little while, thinking he'll be able to leave soon, and at least he'll be able to say he gave it a shot.  However, not long after arriving he meets Shannon, a very sexy human. One he can't wait to get to know better.  Shannon takes one look at Chase and wants him with a yearning need, but her attention is also caught by Dirk, another ranch hand who happens to be a werewolf.  Shannon can't wait to get both these men into bed, they have such animal magnetism, but her true emotions have locked onto Chase.  She wants to play around with them both, yet Chase is the one that ends up with what she wants.  A mate.

Cougar is a really fun and sexy story that just flies by.  Chase and Dirk are on fire and Shannon is one lucky gal.  Beverly Rae creates vivid characters and hotter than sin scenes.  I can't wait to pick up another Beverly Rae book.


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