Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant

Dark Sword, Book 1

St. Martinís Press

Sensual Historical Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0312381226

Reviewed by Nannette




Centuries ago, the Celts asked the druids for help when Rome invaded their lands. The gods were called from Hell and bound to the fiercest warriors of various clans. The drough are druids who practice black magic and the mie are good. Deirdre is a drough who desperately wants the powers each of the Warriors possess. The MacLeod brothers have been hiding from Deirdre for centuries as they try desperately to unbind themselves from the gods trapped inside of them.  When Lucan saves Cara from falling to her death, their sanctuary is threatened and danger finds them. There is more to Cara than what they see, and as they discover who she is, they learn that their battle against Deirdre has only just begun.

Dangerous Highlander is an intriguing story and the MacLeod brothers are fierce and passionate warriors.  The story behind how the gods became trapped in the brothers is fascinating and ingenious. The plot that follows is full of danger, action, and angst. Quinn is bitter and angry, Fallon drowns his worry in drink, and Lucan holds them all together. Itís hard for the brothers to accept the change thatís happening to them, but they all know they have no choice. Caraís presence affects them all, but none more so than Lucan. Cara stirs emotions Lucan thought long forgotten. Once they meet, their romantic relationship seems inevitable.  Although Cara was a part of a clan and Lucan was alone with only his brothers for company for centuries, they both led solitary lives. Itís not until they meet that both begin to really live. Dangerous Highlander is erotic, exciting, and enchanting.


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