Dark Harmony by Lilly Cain

eRed Sage Publishing

Paranormal BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60310-418-0

Reviewed by Lisa




Once upon a time she was called Helena Townsend, an American visiting London and she was booked to fly home the next day.  But Helena met a man named Darien in a pub and foolishly accompanied him back to his hotel room.  That night passion and pain merged as Darien created his female alpha mate for the pack.

Ten years later Richard Heron is in a pub in Ireland recording folk music for his Rolling Stones article when he spies the breathtaking ‘Lena’ in the crowd.  She follows him to his hotel room for a night of unbridled passion and mistakenly ‘marks’ Richard as hers.

Lena is unaware that Richard lost his wife several years ago to someone who ripped out her throat and drained her blood.  The killer was never found and the police were clueless as to how she died.

Richard flees from Lena as soon as he can, back to his home and daughter, hoping to forget the unforgettable night.  Lena must follow Richard to protect him from Darien.  What happens next is anybody’s guess with a runaway vampire, a strong willed human, and a possessive master vampire.  Bystanders beware.

Wickedly sensuous and boldly suspenseful, get ready to enjoy the dark tale of Dark Harmony.  There is a wonderful balance between the characters here, from chilling menace to sweet tenderness and strength which helps to enrich Dark Harmony.  Fast pacing keeps the plotline flowing in this deeply emotional and edgy story.  Dark Harmony mixes mild BDSM, eroticism, and tormented characters into a heart pounding drama with satisfying results.


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