Death Takes a Holiday by Imari Jade

Carnal Desires Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-55404-708-6

Reviewed by Lisa




In the small town of Mayflower, Rianna Papoulias is the night triage nurse at the Le Font Nursing Home for the Elderly.  As a small child Rianna survived a terrible car accident, her parents werenít so lucky.  From then on she was foisted onto one set of relatives after another.  These days Rianna gives her love to her patients and a string of less than worthy boyfriends.

Rianna is beginning to wonder if her mind is slipping after seeing a gorgeous hunk standing over an elderly patient, yet nobody else witnesses him in the room. Later, she sees the same man standing over her boyfriend whoís waiting for her in bed.  Is it a coincidence that both patient and boyfriend are now dead?  The stranger introduces himself as Thantos Marinatos and tells Rianna a fantastical story about her destiny and the other stranger she just met named Demetrius.  The whole thing is so confusing that Rianna isnít sure whatís going on anymore or who to trust.  Itís going to take a miracle for Rianna to believe in anyone at this point.

Wholly original, Death Takes a Holiday is a totally hot and unique tale.  Be ready for a fast paced, non-stop action packed, wickedly inventive story in Death Takes a Holiday.  There is a large cast of characters from mythology to demons and angels with a somewhat bewildered Rianna at the center of it all.  Even Thantos isnít always quite sure whatís going on with his mate.  But he does know how to please her in bed!  For readers searching for something completely different, Death Takes a Holiday is worth checking out.


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