Deep, Dark, Delicious by Tina Donahue

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary/Light BDSM

ISBN: 9781419926655

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Chef Eden DeCarlo is furious.  She was minutes away from winning the grand prize in a cooking contest and HE had to ruin it!  By HE, Eden means Rafael Zayas, a Miami restaurateur and judge.  She can’t think about what winning would have done for her career – to do so means she would curl up in a ball and cry.  Eden, if she were honest with herself, would much rather curl around “Mr. Hottie Judge”, no matter that she is pissed at him.  When she finds herself approaching Rafe at his insistence, Eden knows that her attraction needs to simmer down. However, with Rafe’s business proposition Eden’s hormones begin bowling over.

Grab a kitchen towel to mop up the sweat.  Tina Donahue has penned an erotic contemporary novel that ups the ante on hotness and domination.  Rafe is dominant, suave, and knows what he wants. *sigh* The scene in Eden’s kitchen is enough to make me buy a longer table, I might mention.  Or well, that and a personal trainer! 

Deep, Dark, Delicious explores bondage, but doesn’t become too hardcore.  If light BDSM is your style, then Tina Donahue’s newest release will surely please.  I loved the storyline of Deep, Dark, and Delicious and really liked both characters. My only complaint is that I like a more dominant style of D/s which is definitely not the fault of the author.


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