Demon Mistress by Yasmine Galenorn

Sisters of the Moon, Book 6


Audio Book

Urban fantasy/Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-0425228647

Reviewed by Tanya




The D’Artigo sisters seem to have another task brewing in the wind.  Not only are they still looking for the remaining Spirit Seals but it looks like there is a new demon lord in town and something appears to be attacking the elves and other magic users.

In Demon Mistress you get to learn more about Menolly and her sisters’ fight against evil.  But, Menolly will also be learning and growing as a person.  You will meet her lover and you will also get to see her interact and form a closer bond with at least one other in their group.  Lots is going on for Menolly but the biggest issue will be determining who has summoned the being from the otherworld that appears to be eating at her sister Delilah’s life force.  Can they kill the demon before it kills Delilah?  And if so, at what price?

Demon Mistress is an extremely fast paced story that journeys from earth to the astral planes to fight demons.  In this book of the Sisters of the Moon we get to follow Menolly, the vampire sister, and gaze into her thoughts and life.  I loved how the group had to work on more than one plane to fight demons in this story and how it lets you look at many different aspects of Menolly’s life.  You will see her enter into more than one relationship but find only one of them is for keeps, but when you are an immortal more than one might be necessary.  Ms. Galenorn did a fantastic job in letting us see into the lives of Menolly and her friends.  Demon Mistress was a gripping tale from start to finish.


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