Destiny’s Jewel by Rachel Kenley

Ravenous Romance

Audio Book


ISBN: 978-1-60777-069-5

Reviewed by Tanya




Kyra is committed to her assignment to keep the jewel from the magic users on her planet.  Even if that means she lives out her life on the foreign planet of Earth.  What she doesn’t count on is that the magician that comes to retrieve it, Ellard, would think her human and want to make sure she is not harmed when he takes it.  He even believes her when she plays along at being human.  The biggest issue appears to be that she is developing feelings for Ellard, strong love feelings.  Now what is a woman to do when she is faced with a man she loves and the possibility that all she has worked for might have been a lie?

All Ellard has to do before becoming vizier, personal protector and confidant, to the incoming king on their planet is to retrieve the jewels that have been stolen.  He is on a tight timetable and definitely doesn’t need to have a woman tagging along that is human.  When he finds out she isn’t human and that he just might love her things take an even further dip into the forbidden.  Viziers are strictly forbidden a love or family.

Now what is the pair to do?  And will they be able to return the jewels in time?

Destiny’s Jewel brings a new twist to star crossed lovers, and one that is intriguing to follow.  Ms. Kenley does a fantastic job in painting the hero of the story into a corner that appears to impossible to get out of.  At the same time the heroine has been fed such bad information she might just be fighting for the wrong side, based on her beliefs.  But, she will do what it takes to keep her love safe, even if it breaks her heart.

Destiny’s Jewel is available in multiple forms.  This reviewer listened to it in audio form and thoroughly enjoyed the ‘ride’.  The reader does a good job in telling the unabridged story and keeping the listener mentally engaged.


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