Dragon Storm by Bianca DíArc

Dragon Knights, Book 6

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy/Shapeshifter Mťnage

ISBN: 978-1-60504-829-1

Reviewed by Tanya




Never expecting to find a mate that will take both Darius and Connor on, they are surprised by the visions that a seer presents them with.  Next thing they know they have been caught in a magical storm and deposited in a modern day Earth forest.  Not a normal day for this set of dragon twins.

Having an injured, but gorgeous man show up at the secluded cabin that Josie is at is also not a normal occurrence.  She has always been a little different Ė not quite human and not quite a full-blooded snow cat shape shifter.  But, her snow cat instincts tell her that the injured man isnít all that he seems.

When the trio spends more time together they are all quickly aware that they are mates.  But, Josie knows that her dragons canít fly free on earth and to deny them flying will deny part of who they are.  So the only way she can figure out how to get them all back to the place they came from is to consult her estranged grandfatherís counsel.

When they contact Josieís grandfather there might just be a few more surprises in store for the trio than expected.  Will Josie be able to stay with them or will fate have other plans for the trio?

Dragon Storm helps bring home the saying that there is someone for everyone, as well as being a little different isnít necessarily a bad thing.  I have long been a fan of Bianca DíArcís and found Dragon Storm didnít do anything to change that view.  Both the twins and Josie are well thought out and written characters who are not similar but mesh well when together.  Those who like shape-shifting novels need to check out Dragon Storm.


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