Duty and Devotion by Tere Michaels

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60737-554-8

Reviewed by Nannette




Evan Cerelli and Matt Haight have gone through a lot to be together. Evan lost himself for a while when his wife Sherri died, leaving him to care for their four children alone. Matt became a good friend and helped him through his grief and then one night, he became Evanís lover. A year a half later, things are going well between them until the stress of everyday life and Evanís fears threaten the happiness they have found.

Evan and Mattís lives have drastically changed since they were introduced in Faith and Fidelity, but Evan is still dealing with the impact Sherriís death has on everyone, and heís not ready to fully accept his relationship with Matt. Although his life has been turned upside down, Matt knows exactly what he wants and who he wants it with. Heís patient and understanding with Evanís feelings to a point. The fact that Evan is so scared about everything and yet still tries so hard with Matt, says everything about his feelings, but there is a sense of doubt about Evanís ability to handle things. Along with the tangible emotion in Duty and Devotion is some hot intimacy between Matt and Evan that culminates into a very poignant and erotic scene. Duty and Devotion is part of a series that just gets better and better with every book. I highly recommend reading Love and Loyalty and Faith and Fidelity as well. Duty and Devotion is character driven, angst filled, and simply wonderful.


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