Dying Scream by Mary Burton



ISBN: 978-1-4201-0028-0

Reviewed by Nannette




As soon as Adrianna Barrington removes the familial graves from the Thorton estate, she can sell the property and for the first time in her life, be free of the Thortons. Adrianna’s deceased husband Craig was a spoiled wealthy man who never appreciated what he had with Adrianna so she left him and had a brief affair with Detective Gage Hudson. However, Gage’s career and Craig’s dominating family ended it. Years later, questions circle around Craig. What kind of man was he really? And why are some of the women from his past missing? When the graves are dug up, bodies are found and all signs point to Craig, again. Adrianna is stuck in the middle trying to find the truth while preserving the good name of the Thorton’s and helping Gage find a killer. 

A cast of compelling characters light the stage for a stellar romantic suspense with Dying Scream. Gage and Adrianna’s relationship is tumultuous and angst-filled and the suspense of discovering the killer’s identity is a true mystery until the very end. Gage’s sister’s abduction changed him. His sole focus became protecting others, leaving little room for anything or anyone else. Adrianna’s past is full of secrets and uncertainty. Her vulnerability and sadness is well hidden. Gage and Adrianna’s first go round was almost doomed from the start. Their second chance is long in the making and even more meaningful. Neither Gage and Adrianna’s romance nor the mystery surrounding the killer’s motives is contrived or forced. I was guessing until the very end.  I was as riveted to the story of secondary characters Alex and Tess, as I was to Gage and Adrianna. There is amazing characterization across the board in Dying Scream. The plot and characters are well thought out.  I was thoroughly impressed with Dying Scream. I plan to read Kendall and Warwick’s story in Dead Ringer while waiting for Mary Burton’s next novel.


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