Eden's Black Rose by Jaclyn Tracey

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 1-60154-757-9

Reviewed by Klarissa




Working in a morgue, Serina has seen some wild things, like just that morning a newly dead person didn't remain unmoving like he was suppose to.  Instead, he bolted towards her with fangs wide open, pushing her to behead him on the spot.  Vampires truly existed, so she wasn't surprised when a vampire attack forced her from her bed to tend to it's victims in the middle of the night.  What did surprise her was the injured man, Lucian and his twin sister, Raven who Serina had to save from death’s door.  Death would have welcomed them that night if not for Serina's mystical powers of healing.  Powers she kept guarded so she wouldn't be labeled a witch.  But with Lucian and Raven entering her life, things began to get exciting and evil doesn't lurk far behind.

Eden's Black Rose was a little disappointing.  This story has great potential and Jaclyn Tracey creates an interesting storyline with characters you want to know more about.  However, a few things bothered me about Eden's Black Rose, the humor in this story felt forced and out of place in some areas and some of the characters’ conversations read choppy and slightly awkward.  With a few revisions Eden's Black Rose would be a great story. I look forward to seeing how this author grows and will look for more of her stories.


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