Enchanted by Viola Grace

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-481-1

Reviewed by Tanya




Myka is a Terran healer who has specialized in obstetrics for years.  She is excited about her latest assignment and hopeful that she can help this race of people who have suffered such losses during birthing.  But, as a low tech planet she doesn’t relish riding a horse-beast from town to town.  Now she is spending lots of time with the son of the ruler, as he was chosen to accompany her, and while she finds him immensely attractive she isn’t sure how to tell him.  Or if it is even appropriate.  That is until someone mentions the custom of “hospitality” now that she knows about that and the fact the custom obligates him to offer his body to her things are definitely looking up.  Will her Terran nature allow her to have fun with her dragon?  Or will she refuse the offer of “Hospitality”?

Yeah dragons in space, what more could you ask for?  <sigh> You know you are a sci-fi fan when you are excited about dragons in space but what can I say.  I thoroughly enjoyed this latest offering by Ms. Grace and am amused by the offering of “hospitality” and the secret that Myka reveals at the full moon ceremony.  I like the thoughts of how her gift will be able to help not only the current generation but future ones.  Enchanted is definitely an enchanting read.


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