Enthralled by Viola Grace

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-500-9

Reviewed by Tanya




Tess Mathers has witnessed a number of things in her lifetime but she never expected the horrors she is confronted with after the outpost she was studying on is suddenly and brutally attacked.  The horrors will haunt her for years to come.  Now she is a prisoner on a planet that has fighters who brutally fight in pit fights that are usually short matches.

When Tess is given to one of the fighters she expects things to end poorly as this fighter she is given to is even feared by the brutal men who have captured her.  She definitely doesn’t expect to be enthralled and rescued by the fighter.  But, is her attraction to him real or due to him enthralling her?

As usual Viola Grace has written a fast moving and intriguing fantasy/futuristic story that will interest any fan of either genre.  I loved how she is able to develop all different races that work together and are attracted to each other by embracing their differences as much as their similarities.  I am also interested in how she dealt with the idea of mind control and how it might not work out how the one with the “best intentions” wants it to.  She also has a knack for some kick-butt endings and Enthralled is no different.


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