Entranced by Viola Grace

Champions of Terra

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-458-3

Reviewed by Tanya




Lora has researched all kinds of Alliance races in her position documenting the physical differences in Alliance races.  She doesnít count on being abducted or sold into slavery.  She wasnít bought to be a strict house slave; she was bought to be a brood mare.  When the story is explained to her that she could be the mother of the generation that allows a race to be granted citizenship she is interested in hearing more.  Especially as the man who bought her, Tiern, is sexy and excites her.  Since she has knowledge of shape shifters and what might cause issues with mating she just might be able to help Tiern.  As time progresses it appears that both seem to be developing deeper feelings.

Entranced is the first in the latest books of the Champions of Terra world which is a wonderful mesh of humans and other races.  In this installment, you get to see how a new race will be born and brought into the alliance which is to be celebrated by all.  The celebration is in spite of the fact that the story starts with an abduction and slave sale.  Ms. Grace is one of my favorite authors when it comes to fantasy/sci-fi as she is able to blend fantasy with reality and make it seem seamless.  Entranced is also a great look into how to blend cultures and lives to the benefit of all.


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