Feather Adored by Lorie O’Clare

Raptors Revealed, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419924101

Reviewed by Jo




Andrea Prudeaux and her sister have just moved into the Halk’s family apartment complex to set up their new nest.  Andrea is hoping they can stay in Banff awhile but is so used to having to watch her back it’s hard to stop.  She is hoping they have finally lost the madman who has hunted them since childhood.  Andrea wants nothing more than to stay and set up an honorable and steady nest.  Things are looking up as she has just found a job.

Beel Halk is part of the main family in Banff.  He and his brothers help to keep it a great place to have your nest.  The newest females in town have attracted his attention, especially the oldest one.  Beel decides to test the wind and see if Andrea is interested. Their beginning is a bit rocky, and although Beel can tell there is interest, for some reason she isn’t trying to go forward.  What has her tail feathers twisted so badly that fear can be scented at times?

Andrea doesn’t know what to do about Beel, yes she is interested and wants a male and a full nest one day but her past is still out there.  That worry is put to rest soon as her past comes to Banff and threatens all that Andrea holds dear.  Danger and half-truths have placed Andrea and her sister in the spotlight with the Halks.  Only one owl can be telling the truth about the events and both smell of the truth.  Beel knows to the depths of his being that Andrea did not do the things she is being accused of – now to find a way to prove it.  When the truth is learned, the entire town of Banff and all the Halks go into action.  Owl justice is swift and harsh when deserved, will it be enough to allow Andrea and Beel a future nest of their own?

Owls never tell a lie, but can they reveal the truth long hidden?  Feather Adored has Andrea flying into Beel’s heart and nest.  Andrea has had to fly and hide herself and her sister for many years and is hoping that finally they have found a safe place.  Beel isn’t interested in mating until a new female lands just down the hall from him.  I could instantly see the attraction between Andrea and Beel even through she fought it.  As the events unraveled, my heart went out to Andrea and her sister.  I loved how Beel decided that Andrea would be his and just went about the business of making it so.  While the justice was harsh, I thought the events leading up to it were harsher, which made the outcome truly just.  I knew that Andrea and Beel would find a way for their personal nest to happen.  Luckily Ms. O’Clare had decided the same thing in a suspense-filled and loving way.  Feather Adored proves that honor comes from the person and not the background, and that love is always the answer.


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