First Encounter by Ginny Michaels

The Training of Maggie Malone, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0-85715-020-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Maggie Malone has done her homework and through a lot of research has decided that she wants to join Club Erotica, a pricey and exclusive BDSM club which carefully screens their members.  She has long thought something is missing from her normal sexual encounters.  While she is attracted o her business partner she knows that she could never approach him about any of this so she has relegated him to just starring in her dreams.

Julian Daniels is stunned to see the woman in front of him as one of the new submissives to be initiated into the club tonight.  What is Maggie doing there and how could he have missed this about her?  But, first things first he needs to make sure that he is the one to initiate her.  But, he doesn’t have first choice, and even if he winds up with her, how will he not tell her who he is? Will Maggie make it through initiation or will she bolt when she finds out who her Master is?

Sensational is the first thing that comes to mind after finishing First Encounter by Ginny Michaels.  I think this is one of the few BDSM stories that has interested me from the first.  I love the premise and I even like how Julian struggles with his decisions as to what to let Maggie know about the lifestyle and about expectations.   If you are not sure if you like to read BDSM this would be a great story to read and help you decide if you want to read more, as it is a gentle initiation with lots of thoughts and feelings behind the actions.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading First Encounter.

I am not sure how much BDSM I like in my stories but I chose to review First Encounter as it appeared to be just that an interesting first encounter.  I was not disappointed and while I am not sure about BDSM as my main plot line I have definitely found an author I will look for more works by.


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