Freeze Frame by Judith Rochelle

Phoenix Agency, Book 4

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419923609

Reviewed by Tanya




Katherine “Kat” Culhane is staying with her sister for a number of reasons.  The most notable being she needs a place that her psycho ex-boyfriend won’t look for her.  So, when Mari offers to let Kat housesit while she goes on a business trip to Hawaii with her boss and his family, she jumps at it.  Kat’s job as a “remote viewer” is also on the fritz and while many don’t believe in her psychic powers her sister does and there is a group local to where her sister is that has offered to help her.

Now suddenly the regrouping that Kat had planned on has taken a sharp turn.  She runs into the man that could have been the love of her life, if he hadn’t walked away.  Mike D’Antoni, Phoenix Agency partner and super hunky chopper pilot, runs into her at the airport and he has finally grown up and wants another chance with Kat.  Will she give him the chance?

When Kat’s sister Mari along with her employer and his family are kidnapped, running into Mike might just be what they both need.  They are both on a race against time to use their talents and contacts to see what can be done to rescue Mari and the rest of the hostages before permanent harm can come to them.

Freeze Frame is the latest suspense filled paranormal romance by Judith Rochelle in the Phoenix Agency series.  I have been hooked on the series from the start and this latest offering did not let me down.  Freeze Frame is action packed and full of some interesting paranormal abilities used to help kidnap victims.  I look forward to the next book in the Phoenix Agency series and recommend the entire series, including Freeze Frame to anyone who likes a military, paranormal, or romantic suspense story.


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