Georgie and the Dragon by Cindy Spencer Pape


Audio Book


ISBN: 978-1-907280-95-5

Reviewed by Tanya




In 1815 Wales, who would believe that villagers would still be sacrificing a maiden to the local dragon?  Heck, no one has even seen a dragon though the legends live on.  Especially the legend of St. George who was the last said to defeat a dragon and Georgieís ancestor.  As a matter of fact the remaining family heirloom that the orphaned siblings have is the sword said to be enchanted and used by St. George.

When it becomes apparently that the sacrifice has been kept from her and her oldest siblings as they hope to sacrifice one of the orphans, Georgie has decided she will even go willingly as long as she has a protection agreement from the local Earl, for her siblings.  Just because they are orphans is no reason to treat them badly.

Caddoc is secretly amused by the woman when she agrees.  Not only is he the local Earl but he has a few secrets of his own.  The least being that he canít seem to get Georgie out of his head.  But as this is his town he knows a thing or two about the dragon and will do what he can to help Georgie.

No one expects Georgie to show up on the cliff with the family sword, especially the dragon.  When she attacks him more than one surprise will be revealed.

I absolutely love that Total-E-Bound has started to offer their stories on audio, and Georgie and the Dragon is another reason why.  Not only does the reader have a strong clear voice but she makes the story come alive for me.  In Georgie and the Dragon while the story is a takeoff on a well known tale it is still a great journey.  Ms. Spencer Pape does a good job in building the suspense as to who the dragon really may be, though you will suspect.  I also love how Georgie is willing to do what she must to save her siblings and at the same time strike a tough bargain.

If you are new to audio books and want to give a Total-E-Bound historical fantasy audio a try then I highly recommend Georgie and the Dragon as one that you will enjoy listening to.


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