Guardian Enjel by Viola Grace

eXtasy Books

Sci-Fi Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-55487-426-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.




Left for dead, captured, and sold into slavery, Miranda’s life as a Healer working for the Alliance has been nothing but isolation, suffering and hardship.  When her new master entrusts her with the care of a young male Enjel, her abilities as an empath make her unable to refuse.  Soon his Guardian, Osias Aron, arrives to retrieve him from her master.  The attraction between them is potent and instant.

While traveling to the Enjel home world, Jela, Miranda is brutally assaulted and almost dies.  Osias is very protective yet follows custom in housing Miranda in the Women’s Aerie.   He must court her according to his people’s customs which limits their time and interaction.  Unbeknownst to the lovers, there are those who wish to destroy their happiness by thwarting their chances of being together.

Guardian Enjel is an inspirational interlude, where a journey through dark times is overcome by the radiance of love, fulfillment, and joy.   Danger, romance, and intrigue are key elements to a plot filled with complex characters that readers will easily find fascinating and feel a connection to.  One of the liveliest ‘facts’ in this universe is that humans, or Terrans, are a protected species! 

Miranda’s hardships engaged me immediately, as much as her pluck and resilience.  Her explosive attraction to Osias is tumultuous, a powerful current that sweeps them along through every aspect of the story.  Her inner strength is complimented by the Enjel that she loves.  While he is determined to protect and avenge his lady love, the gifted Healer demonstrates her bravery and fearlessness when duty calls.  After a while, I wasn’t certain who was saving who!  Keeping that in mind, there’s enough alien culture and plots twists (something I’ve come to expect in the Viola Grace universe) to pad the narrative and keep you dancing on the edge of anticipation.  This is yet another stellar installment to thrill, captivate, and entertain in the multilayered world this author has created and lovingly expanded upon.   Guardian Enjel is a five pointer on a one to five scale that will keep old readers more than happy while luring new readers to the universe of the Alliance.


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