Heart and Soul by Evangeline Anderson

Loose Id

Erotic M/M

ISBN: 978-≠1-≠60737-≠532-≠6

Reviewed by Nannette




In order to bust porn king James Talbert and keep him from hurting any more young gay men, Detective Sean OíBrian is going undercover in Talbertís mansion. Seanís partner, both on and off the job, Nick Valenti, has been against Seanís undercover mission from the start. So when Seanís in trouble, Nick doesnít hesitate to try and save him. Only now theyíre both in danger, and even if they get out alive, they may never be the same.

When Sean and Nick were introduced in The Assignment, they were straight guys being forced to pretend they were lovers. As if acting as gay lovers was not bad enough, they had to be into BDSM as well. In Heart and Soul Nick and Seanís relationship has progressed into a loving partnership both on and off the clock. There is nothing contrived about how they feel about each other. Their relationship is genuine and natural and very tender. Just like The Assignment though, the scenario that plays out is designed solely for the purpose of seeing them have sex under duress.  The traumatizing event that befalls them is similar to the previous one, but it makes Sean and Nick stronger as a couple and even hotter in bed than before. Heart and Soul is heart-wrenching and heartfelt.


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