Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf

Wicked Games, Book 3



ISBN: 978-0373774999

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Female werewolf Blu Masterson has been given to vampire Creed Saint-Pierre in marriage in order to bring peace to the vampire and wolf packs.  Blu and Creed are expected to consummate their marriage by Blu accepting Creed’s vampire bite, which Blu has sworn is something she will never allow to happen.  However, Blu finds herself seeking out her husband and falling in love with him, though trust is still an issue, despite the fact that she needs to somehow conquer their differences.  After all, Creed is trying to make the best of their marriage and Blu has been given orders to do what it takes to bring him to his knees.

Michele Hauf’s spin on vampires and werewolves in this highly intense novel is totally new to me.  Blu is colorful and snarky at times, but underneath all of her bluster beats the heart of a woman longing for the love of the right man and Creed is exactly that.  He is indulgent, sexy, and quite funny.  His and Blu’s banter made me smile more than once.  Her Vampire Husband is original, quirky, and rife with naughty sex.  Couldn’t have asked for anything better!


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