Her Wolf by Rebecca Royce

The Westervelt Wolves, Book 1

Liquid Silver Books

Wolf Shifter

ISBN: 978-1-59578-568-8

Reviewed by Klarissa




Ashlee Morrison is surprised by her obsession with the captive wolf.  He just isn't like the others wolves in the cage.  After a distressing breakup, she thought she was going insane when strange dreams begin plaguing her mind, but something about the wolf eases her battered emotions.  She always seems to find herself close to him.  Little does she know, he is a shifter trapped in his wolf form.  Tristan is a royal shifter, part of the royal six.  He needs help out of his predicament, so when he is able to talk to Ashlee telepathically, he convinces her she isn't insane and enlists her to help him escape.  As Ashlee steps closer, every instinct perks up and Tristan realizes she is his mate.  Danger is hot on their heels, but these two must work together in order to take down the evil that has haunted the Westervelt wolves.

Her Wolf started out a little awkward, with sentences that didn't quite mesh and conversation that seemed forced.  However, the further I got into Her Wolf the more the sentences began to flow a little easier and I became enchanted with these wolves.  Ms. Royce introduced the Royal Six, which all instantly captured my attention with their power and presence.  Her Wolf had a rocky start, but if you continue with the story you are sure to enjoy it.  I look forward to reading the next in this series.


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